Thank you for your interest in fostering. Please review the information below and complete an application.

Fosters are an integral part of rescuing dogs.


  • We would not be able to save and help as many as we do without having fosters.  

  • We will supply you with everything you need to take care of the dog while in fostercare. You just supply the love and attention.


  • We do ask that you be able to bring the dog to adoption events. We usually attend one every six weeks. We do understand that some of our fosters live farther from our general area. In this case, we understand not being able to bring your foster to some events.


  • We appreciate offers to foster in different states. We have had out of state fosters before; however, it is harder for us to provide the dog and foster with everything they need if they are far away. If you would like more information on fostering but do not live in Oklahoma or Texas, feel free to contact us. We will see what we can do.


  • Sometimes fosters find it difficult to let their foster dog go to a new home. Many of our fosters have ended up adopting their foster dog, which is awesome. But we have had many others that have helped place their foster dog in another home. It may be hard to let the dog go at first, but it is rewarding! There will always be another dog that will come in and need help.