Thank you for choosing to adopt a rescue peke! Please review the information below and complete an application.

Our goal is to place all of our dogs in FOREVER homes.


  • We do our best to match our dogs with homes so that both the dog and the family have a positive experience.  

  • We will try to accomindate requests, but the sex and age of our dogs vary and are always in flux as new dogs come in and others get adopted.  Please be considerate and listen to our suggestions. We live with these dogs while they are being fostered, so we know their personalities well.

  • We do adopt out of state, but we require that you come and pick up the dog. On occasion we have been able to transport the dog to his/her new location with an additional transportion fee.

  • We do not have an open facility. All of our dogs are in foster homes. We can arrange to meet you some where for a meet and greet if you would like, but it will depend on the foster's schedule. We all work full time jobs in addition to running the rescue.


  • Please make sure you REALLY want a dog. 

  • Please also be considerate of our recommendations based on your needs, wants, and home environment.  We know the dogs very well and will be able to determine whether the dog is a good fit for you.

  • We operate on a first come, best match basis. Many times there are several people interested in the same dog. If you have expressed interest in a dog, but have since changed your mind, please let us know.  It is completely okay to change your mind, just please let us know as soon as you do.  


  • Pekes and You Pekingese Rescue rescues the majority of our dogs from animal control centers after the animal has had time to be reclaimed by its owner.  

  • Most of the time we do NOT know the history of the animal. We try to evaluate their personality to the best of our ability. Each dog is checked by the vet before going out to a foster home or new home.

  • Despite all of our efforts, there are some things we just DO NOT KNOW about the dog, but we will make sure to share with you everything we do know.


  • Most dogs take a couple weeks to months to acclimate to a new routine and home.

  • We cannot guarantee a dog is going to be 100% housebroken.  In our experience, this is not realistic.

  • The adoption fee associated with a dog is designed to help recoup some of the money that has been spent on each dog – at a minimum, each dog is spayed/neutered, checked for heartworm and given a heartworm preventative, flea and tick control, dewormed and vaccinated.

  • The adoption fee allows us to continue helping and saving dogs. Because of this, we can NOT reduce the adoption fee or accept multiple payments for the adoption fee.

  • The rescue is run by volunteers who give up a large portion of their free time to help transport and care for the dogs.  We all work full time jobs and have families.  Please keep this in mind as it may take us a couple of days to return your email.  We try to be considerate and respond as soon as we can.  We ask for consideration in return.