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Pekingese are one of the oldest of all dog breeds, and are one of the least genetically divergent from the wolf. The breed has a fascinating history that dates back to 800 A.D. Originally, only members of the Imperial Palace were allowed to own Pekingese. Members of the Chinese Imperial Household used to carry smaller Pekingese, known as "sleve Pekingese" in the capacious sleeves of their robes.

Even once the breed was exported across the globe, only nobles and well to do people were given Pekingese. Queen Victoria of England once had a Pekingese as a companion.

Breed Characteristics

Pekingese come in all sorts of colors, ranging from white, brown, black, blond, gold, sable, cream, and occasionally slate grey. Pekingese also come in many different sizes. The standard weight of a pekingese is approximately 7-14 pounds; however, they may be smaller or larger in size. The smaller Pekingese, called "sleeve Pekingese," are known to have increased health issues due to excessive breeding to achieve the smaller size.

Fun Peke Facts
  • A Pekingese named Sun Yet Sen survived the wreck of the Titanic.

  • Pekingese still revere themselves as royalty.  

  • Pekingese are called lion dogs due to their resemblance to the Chinese guardian lions.

  • The breeds bowed legs and unusual rolling gait may have been deliberately developed by breeding to prevent the dogs from wandering away.




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